Honest . Fair . Reliable . Trusted . Qualified

Mike’s Plumbing & Drain Cleaning was conceived to be something that Mike and Wife Nicole could make their own and feel good about; Something to build a future on and eventually be proud to pass on to their boys should they want it. Their pride in Mike’s Plumbing comes from running the business with integrity, and in providing outstanding customer service from start to finish at an honest, reasonable rate.

Back in his hometown of Boston, Mike became a plumber because he answered the right ad at the right time in his life. He was hired by a property management company to assist their aging plumber and took to it quickly. Nicole met Mike in 1987 after moving from Montana to Boston for a nanny position and subsequently attended North Eastern University. They moved to Washington together in 1992 so Nicole could complete her educational goals. They fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and decided to put down roots. Mike went on to become a Journeyman Plumber while Nicole worked in fitness and expanded their family. Eventually they decided to start shaping their own future and building something for themselves and their three boys.

Since Mike’s Plumbing opened in 2001, things have changed substantially. The company grew from just Mike and Nicole to an incredible team that brings a lot of valuable experience to the table. The company now has enough manpower to focus on interior plumbing, sewer and water lines, remodels and more.

This growth in the team had to happen as the business flourished. With this growth, it has allowed lasting relationships to be formed with a lot of wonderful individuals, families and even property managers within the community. These valued customers continue to call whenever they are in need, but also provide referrals to their friends, families and neighbors. Mike and Nicole feel that It’s really an honor to get those referrals. It means that the work customers trust them with is being done correctly and reasonably, and that the integrity in business operations that they aim for is achieved. Even more, it means their established customers trust them to provide the same level of service to loved ones as they have received. That’s a wonderful feeling and exactly what Mike and Nicole envisioned passing on to their sons and their families.